January 31th, Business talk by Eoin Cahill (Google)

January 31, 2019 Campus

TSE careers is glad to receive Eoin Cahill (Google Marketing Solutions)  who will present a public lecture on "Google's Digital Marketing Landscape" to TSE students on Thursday 31th January 2019.

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BUSINESS TALK - 31 january 2019 - 5:00-6:00 - ROOM MB II.

This event is part of the Business and Academic talks series organized by the TSE career department, whose promote interaction between students and decision-makers.

Only for TSE students and TSE members.


In this Business Talk, Eoin will go over the current digital marketing landscape and it’s extremely important to obtain essential digital skills. Each Google search is an opportunity for a business or organization to present its website as the answer to a searcher’s question, need, or problem. All businesses, no matter what size, stand to benefit from an online presence, because many customers begin their shopping process online. Having a strong online presence is key to succeeding in this digital world and is only going to become more and more important as internet usage increases.