International graduate program

TSE offers international masters in economics fully taught in English and a doctoral program modelled on the top American universities. 

Aims and Scope

Located in France, TSE is a world-leading centre for research and higher education in economics, chaired by Nobel Prize laureate Jean Tirole. It offers:

  • research-inspired courses to help students master the complex problems of today's decision-making world
  • a wide network of partners and a full career service for high-level international career opportunities (88% of TSE graduates find a job in the 6 months following graduation - 85% feel that their position matches their Masters specialty).


Graduate program

The following masters program is partially taught in French (C1 level required) and in English (C1 level required)
In the first year, three Master options mainly taught in French are offered:

These masters program includes core courses in the main disciplines (micro, macro and econometrics) as well as a broad choice of electives The objectives are to enhance the students’ general economics culture and to prepare them for more quantitatively oriented classes.
During the second year (Master 2), students may choose between several specialties (be aware that there are some “privileged paths between the 1st and the 2nd year)

Doctoral program

The TSE doctoral program is modeled on the top American universities. The first year is dedicated to the Master 2 ETE that provides rigorous and original courses. For students who continue towards a PhD degree, there is a second year of specialization to provide them with firm grounds to help them write their dissertation and prepare their future researcher career. At the end of the second year, they obtain the "DEEQA" (Diplôme Européen d'Economie Quantitative Approfondie).

The TSE Doctoral School is a member of a European network of doctoral schools, ENTER Find out more

 First year

Second year