25 January 2021

Tell Me What You Grow and I’ll Tell Yo What You Think: Westward Expansion and the Politics of Slavery in the US South

Job Market Seminar

Michele Rosenberg (Department of Economics, Northwestern University)

26 January 2021

Kill Zone

Economics of Platforms Seminar

Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago)

27 January 2021

Dynamic College Admissions and the Determinants of Students’ College Retention

Job Market Seminar

Tomas Larroucau (University of Pennsylvania)

28 January 2021

Market-Based Mechanisms

Job Market Seminar

Quitze Valenzuela-Stookey (Department of Economics, Northwestern University)

29 January 2021

Asset Prices, Global Portfolios, and the International Financial System

Job Market Seminar

Maxime Sauzet (University of California - Berkeley)

1 February 2021

Defusing a Population Explosion? Jobs and Fertility in sub-Saharan Africa

Job Market Seminar

Céline Zipfel (London School of Economics)

2 February 2021

Should The Government Sell You Goods? Evidence from the Milk Market in Mexico

Job Market Seminar

Diego Jimenez Hernandez (Stanford University)

3 February 2021

Resisting sharing pressure in the household using mobile money: Experimental evidence on microenterprise investment in Uganda

Job Market Seminar

Emma Riley (Oxford University)

3 February 2021

Liquidity or Convenience? Heterogeneous Impacts of Mobile Airtime Loans on Communication Expenditure

Job Market Seminar

Oscar Barriga-Cabanillas (University of California, Davis)

4 February 2021

Contracting and quality upgrading: evidence from an experiment in Senegal

Job Market Seminar

Joshua W. Deutschmann (University of Wisconsin - Madison)