1 avril 2019

Farmers to Entrepreneurs

Environment Economics Seminar

Salvatore Di Falco (Geneva University)

1 avril 2019

Off-Balance Sheet Funding, Voluntary Support and Investment Efficiency

Finance Seminar

Jing Zeng (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

1 avril 2019

Dynamic Competition and Price Regulation When Consumers Have Inertia: Evidence from Medicare Part D

Industrial Organization seminar

Sebastian Fleitas (University of Leuven)

1 avril 2019

Labor Market Power

Macroeconomics Seminar

Simon Mongey (University of Chicago)

2 avril 2019

Moral Hazard, Uncertain Technologies, and Linear Contracts

Economic Theory Seminar

Martin Dumav (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

2 avril 2019

Evolutionary dynamics of indirect reciprocity with endogenous norms

IAST Lunch Seminar

Julian Garcia (Monash University)

2 avril 2019

Modelling Simultaneously Determined Discrete Outcomes with Application to Firm Entry and Product Quality Choice

Econometrics and Empirical Economics Seminar

Andrew Chesher (University college london)

3 avril 2019

"Weekly Digital Workshop"

Digital Seminar

Elena Krasnokutskaya (Johns Hopkins University)

4 avril 2019

(Not) Playing Favorites: An Experiment on Parental Preferences for Educational Investment

Development, Labor and Public Policy Seminar

Rebecca Dizon-Ross (University of Chicago Booth)

4 avril 2019

Lifted and Geometric Differentiability of the Squared Quadratic Wasserstein Distance

MAD-Stat. Seminar

Aurélien Alfonsi (CERMICS -Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées)