2 December 2019

Generics and early entry agreements

Industrial Organization seminar

Joao Montez (HEC Lausanne)

3 December 2019

How does cognition evolve? A comparative analysis of lemur intelligence

IAST Lunch Seminar

Francesca De Petrillo

3 December 2019

JJL Prize Public lecture : Gender Inequalities in the 21st Century

TSE Campus talk

Marianne Bertrand (University of Chicago)

4 December 2019

Online Platforms: From Transparency to Observability

Digital Seminar

Bernhard Rieder (Université d’Amsterdam)

5 December 2019

Collusion via Information Sharing and Optimal Auctions

Economic Theory Seminar

Olga Gorelkina (University of Liverpool - Management School)

5 December 2019

Direct and Indirect Effects of Financial Access on SMEs

DLPP - Behavior, Institutions, and Development seminar

Jing Cai (University of Maryland;Maryland Agricultural Economics)

6 December 2019

Understanding the determinants of contraceptive discontinuation in Ethiopia: a mixed methods approach

IAST General Seminar

Alexandra Alvergne (University of Oxford)

6 December 2019

Competitive Analysis in Bidding Markets: Lessons from GE/Alstom (Seminar cancelled and postponed next year)

Competition Policy Seminar

Anastasia Shchepetova (MAPP economics)

9 December 2019

The Effect of Professional Peer Comparisons on Environmental Management: A Field Experiment

Environment Economics Seminar

Dietrich Earnhart (Departement of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University)

9 December 2019

Financing Skilled Labor

Finance Seminar

Vladimir Vladimirov (University of Amsterdam)