1 February 2018

A perspective of climate finance for non-state actors

TSE Campus talk

Olivier Levallois (Responsable finance climat CARBON CLEAR)

2 February 2018

The Selection of Talent Experimental and Structural Evidence from Ethiopia

Job Market Seminar

Stefano CARIA (Oxford University)

5 February 2018

Monitoring and Intrinsic Motivation: Evidence from Liberia’s Trucking Firms

Job Market Seminar

Golvine DE ROCHAMBEAU (Columbia University)

6 February 2018

The Globe as a Network: Geography and the Origins of the World Income Distribution

Job Market Seminar

Matt Delventhal (UAB & Barcelona GSE)

7 February 2018

Market Power in Input Markets: Theory and Evidence from French Manufacturing

Job Market Seminar

Monica MORLACCO (Yale University)

8 February 2018

Learning by Trading: The Case of the U.S. Market for Municipal Bonds

Job Market Seminar

Monica BRANCACCIO (Princeton University)

9 February 2018


Job Market Seminar

Emilio BISETTI (Carnegie Mellon University)

13 February 2018

The value of information in centralized school choice systems

Job Market Seminar

Margaux LUFLADE (Duke University)

15 February 2018

Adherence to treatment: how health data help address a major issue for public health

TSE Campus talk

Stéphane Sclison (Senior Principal IQVIA)

23 February 2018

On the Choice of Legal Standards: A Positive Theory for Comparative Analysis

Competition Policy Seminar

Yannis Katsoulacos (Athens University of Economics and Business)