1 October 2019

Optimal Monitoring Design

Economic Theory Seminar

Balazs Szentes (London School of Economics)

1 October 2019

Does kin recognition promote cooperation?

IAST Lunch Seminar

Gonçalo Faria

1 October 2019

What Do Consumers Consider Before They Choose? Identication from Asymmetric Demand Responses

Econometrics and Empirical Economics Seminar

Abigail Adams (Oxford University)

2 October 2019

Measuring Consumer Sensitivity to Audio Advertising: A Field Experiment on Pandora Internet Radio

Digital Seminar

David Reiley (UC Berkeley)

3 October 2019

Square-root nuclear norm penalized estimator for panel data models with approximately low-rank unobserved heterogeneity

MAD-Stat. Seminar

Eric Gautier ( Toulouse School of Economics)

3 October 2019

Let’s Call their Bluff: The Politics of Econometric Methodology

DLPP - Behavior, Institutions, and Development seminar

Jean-Paul Azam

3 October 2019

Measuring Violence Risk in Space and Time using Kernel Density Estimation

DLPP - Behavior, Institutions, and Development seminar

Augustin Tapsoba

4 October 2019

Supporting a Militant Antitrust Agenda in Digital Space with Economics: What Do We Need to Do?

Competition Policy Seminar

Cristina Caffarra (Charles River Associates)

7 October 2019

The measurement of resilience

Environment Economics Seminar

Geir Asheim (University of Oslo)

7 October 2019

Improving the Corporate Governance of Non-Profits and the Implications for their Social Impact : Evidence from a Randomized Program in Healthcare in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Finance Seminar

Caroline Flammer (Boston University)