5 mars 2018

Optimal coverage of an emission tax in the presence of monitoring, reporting, and verification costs with an application to greenhouse gas emissions from European agriculture

Environment Economics Seminar

Stéphane De Cara (Économie Publique - INRA)

5 mars 2018

Liquidation, bailout, and bail-in: Insolvency resolution mechanisms and managerial risk-taking

Fédération des Banques Françaises Seminar

Bart Lambrecht (Cambridge Judge Business School - University of Cambridge)

5 mars 2018

Welfare Effects of Physician-industry Interactions: Evidence From Patent Expiration

Industrial Organization seminar

Matthew Grennan (The Wharton School -The University of Pennsylvania)

6 mars 2018

The large space of information structures

Economic Theory Seminar

Jérôme Renault (Toulouse School of Economics)

6 mars 2018

Testing over- and underidentification in linear models, with applications to asset pricing and dynamic panel data models.

Econometrics and Empirical Economics Seminar

Frank Windmeijer (University of Bristol)

6 mars 2018

Hours, Occupations, and Gender Differences in Labor Market Outcomes

Macroeconomics Seminar

Andres Erosa (Universiy of Carlos III de Madrid)

7 mars 2018

To be announced

Digital Seminar

Gabrielle Demange (Paris School of Economics)

8 mars 2018

Making policies matter: Voter Responses to Campaign Promises

Development, Labor and Public Policy Seminar

Philip Keefer (The World Bank)

8 mars 2018

Finite mean field games: fictitious play and convergence analysis.

MAD-Stat. Seminar

Francisco José Silva - Àlvarez (Université de Limoges)

8 mars 2018

Hospital Competition under Pay-for-Performance: Quality, Mortality and Readmissions

Public Economics

Luigi Siciliani (University of York - York)