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TSE Reflect is a newsletter that shares our latest research news with decision-makers and TSE partners looking for concrete economic solutions. Once a month, we deliver analyses from our academic community on important current issues in the fields of competition, the digital economy, energy and climate, health, infrastructure and networks, and sustainable finance.

TSE Reflect issues focused on on digital economics:


#March 2024

  • Will the Digital Markets Act create a level playing field? by Jacques Crémer
  • Social media and polarization, by Marijne Keijzer
  • Interview: Rima Alaily, Microsoft - ‘Regulation must ensure tech companies operate fairly’
  • Finance for all, with the support of FIT IN initiative
  • Invitation: Fit In Initiative Conference
  • Invitation: Postal Economics Conference

#October 2023

  • Should digital gatekeepers be forced to open up? By Michele Bisceglia and Jean Tirole
  • How do platforms behave in digital ecosystems? By Doh-Shin Jeon, Yassine Lefouili and Yaxin Li 
  • Interview: Long Chen, Director of Luohan Academy‘TSE prowess in EU policy complements our expertise in Asia’

#February 2023

  • Would you let a machine score your morals? By Zoe Purcell and jean-François Bonnefon
  • Should platform fees be capped? By Renato Gomes and Andrea Mantovani
  • Debate: Exploring the metaverse
  • Interview: Pierre Haren, CEO of Causality Link ‘TSE pushes us to improve AI in new directions’
  • IAST Magazine: The power of data
  • Video: We all deserve good financial services

#October 2022

  • Are personalized prices unfair? By Andrew Rhodes and Jidong Zhou
  • Is social media killing the news? By Alexandre de Cornière and Miklos Sarvary
  • Policy paper: Charges in digital payment systems By Vatsala Shreeti
  • Podcast: Has digital technology made us better off? With Jacques Crémer (TSE), Jean Tirole (TSE)and Diane Coyle (Cambridge) 
  • Interview: César Hidalgo, The power of AI
  • Portrait: Alumnus Thibault Larger, Manager, Research Partnerships, International Public Policy (Amazon), ‘Economists help tackle social challenges'

#February 2022

  • Will traditional banking survive in the digital era? By Jean-Charles Rochet
  • FIT IN Conference: Payment services for the poor
  • Are superstar firms burning too bright? By Giacomo Calzolari (EUI) and John Van Reenen (LSE)
  • TNIT: A beautiful partnership
  • Podcast: Ethics and AI with Jean-François Bonnefon (IAST - TSE - CNRS), Daniel Chen (TSE - IAST), and Diane Coyle (Bennett Institute - Cambridge)
  • Debate: How will algorithms change society? Cesar Hidalgo (TSE), Jean-François Bonnefon (IAST - TSE - CNRS) and Dana Pizarro (TSE)
  • 2021 TSE Digital Center Annual Report - Impact 2021


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