Creation of TSE-HEC ACPR Research Initiative

December 13, 2022 Research

TSE-HEC ACPR Research Initiative

TSE and HEC join forces to launch a new research initiative sponsored by the ACPR (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority).

TSE and HEC with the support of the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR), have founded a research initiative focusing on state-of-the-art evaluation and understanding of systemic risks, the prudential regulation of the financial and banking system, and related challenges and opportunities. 
This new initiative, launched for three years, is designed to accelerate and promote innovative research on emerging issues, to facilitate dialogue between researchers and the ACPR, and ultimately to disseminate cutting-edge research findings towards firms, policymakers, and the wider public. The activities of the initiative will include the production of high-quality research publications, academic conferences, as well as research workshops and seminars.
The initiative gathers a team of around 30 international researchers with different research interests (finance, economics, econometrics, statistics, accounting). The initiative’s team is also mixed in terms of gender and seniority.
Relying on this unique team of researchers, the initiative will explore a wide range of topics such as: regulation and competition in banking and insurance, climate risk and green finance, biases and discrimination in artificial intelligence, modeling and management of risks (cyber, epidemiological…).
TSE researcher Sophie Moinas, Professor of Finance and the Director of the TSE Sustainable Finance Center will act as academic coordinator of this research initiative with Christophe Pérignon, Professor of Finance and Associate Dean for Research at HEC Paris. 
Sophie Moinas stated “we are thrilled to be collaborating with our colleagues at HEC to ensure that we unearth answers to issues which are of interest to the ACPR. We are also very grateful to our partner for its commitment to encourage academic research.”

News published in TSE Reflect December 2022

Photo: Studio Tchiz