Executive Education course: Competition Policy and Regulation in Digital Markets

June 7–8, 2023


Course objectives:

Digital markets have become an important part of the global economy, dominated by a handful of tech giants that have attracted the attention of regulators. These markets have unique features, such as network effects and the role of data, which require a specific economic analysis in the context of competition cases and regulation. 

This two-day course is designed for economists and lawyers interested in competition policy and regulation. It aims to equip participants with a deep understanding of the economic principles that govern digital markets. Participants will also learn how to evaluate the competitive or anti-competitive nature of different platform practices. 

The course features parallel lectures tailored to the background of the candidates, whether they are economists or lawyers, as well as plenary lectures to foster interactions. 

Key benefits:

  • Gain insights into multi-sided markets and their complexities

  • Analyze recent cases involving Big Tech companies

  • Discuss the need for intervention to ensure that digital markets remain competitive and promote innovation