Prizes in monetary economics and finance

Since 2007, the Banque de France and TSE have worked together to support and strengthen excellence in economic research in France, and make key contributions to international economic debate and expertise. As part of their partnership, the Banque de France and TSE work together on issues such as monetary economics and finance – themes of scientific excellence for TSE.

In 2012, the Banque de France and the Toulouse School of Economics launched a series of prizes in Monetary Economics and Finance. These prizes, granted every two years, distinguish academic researchers (Senior and Junior) who have developed central concepts to improve our understanding of Monetary Economics and Finance. The aim of the prizes is to foster conceptual progress that will eventually allow the design and implementation of improved policies by central banks.

Every two years, a senior prize and two junior prizes are awarded to researchers who develop fundamental concepts to help us understand monetary economics, finance and bank supervision. The award highlight research that improve the way in which central banks operate.


Senior prizes

Junior prizes


Hélène Rey

London Business School

David Sraer

University of California, Berkeley

Matteo Maggiori

Stanford Graduate School of Business



Ricardo Caballero

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ulrike Malmendier

University of California, Berkeley

Benjamin Moll

London School of Economics



Prof. John Moore

University of Edinburgh

Emi Nakamura

University of California

Jon Steinsson

University of California

Silvana Tenreyro

London School of Economics


Michael Woodford

Columbia University

Victoria Vanasco

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

Yuriy Gorodnichenkoi

Berkeley University



Olivier Blanchard


Ricardo Reis

London School of Economics

Amir Sufi

university of Chicago




Nobuhiro Kiyotaki

Princeton University

Ralph Koijen 

London Business School

Ivan Werning

MIT University




Lasse Heje Pedersen

Copenhagen Business School

Emmanuel Farhi

Harvard University



Bengt R. Holmstrom

MIT University

Klaus Adam

Mannheim University

Viral V. Acharya

Stern School of Business (NY)