Banque de France-TSE Partnership


Thanks to the support of the Banque de France (BDF), research grants were awarded to students. 


  • Basile Dubois has been awarded an 8-month scholarship. His thesis supervisor is Alexander Guembel. 
  • Jonas Gathen has been awarded a 2-month scholarship. His thesis supervisors are Fabrice Collard and Stéphane Straub. The title of his thesis is "Essays in Macro Development".
  • Oscar Fentanes also received a 2-month scholarship. His thesis supervisor is Fabrice Collard. His research focuses on development, macroeconomics and urban economics.


Grants for 6 months (2022-2023):

  • Philipp Wangner: defended his thesis "Essays in Macroeconomics" in July 2023. Supervisor: Patrick Fève. Philippe will join the University of Mannheim as an assistant professor in fall 2024 after doing his post-doc at Columbia Business School in 2023-2024.
  • Li Yu: defended her thesis "Essays on Macro-Finance and Uncertainty" in june 2023. Supervisor: Patrick Fève. She will join Liaoning University as an assistant professor.

In the following video, Philipp Wangner and Li Yu explain how the Banque de France grants helped them in their academic journey. 

Grants for 2 months (2022):

  • Fernando Stipanicic: 4th year of thesis, "Essays on International Trade and Innovation". Supervisor: Christian Hellwig. Fernando joined the Haas School of Business (University of California, Berkeley) for his post-doc and then he became an assistant professor at the University of Oslo.
  • Alexandre Gaillard: 5th year of thesis, "Essays in Macroeconomics with Heterogeneous Agents". Supervisor: Patrick Fève. Alexandre joined the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy & Finance (Princeton's School of Public & International Affairs) to do his post-doc before joining Brown University as an assistant professor.
  • Friederich Lucke: 5th year of thesis, "The great moderation and the financial cycle", Supervisors: Patrick Fève & Fabrice Collard. Lucke became a researchers at the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission.
  • Filip Mroviec: 5th year of thesis, "Barriers to liquidity in market-based intermediation" Supervisor: Alexander Guembel. He works at Cornestone Research in New York.
  • Yifei Zhang: 5th year of thesis, "Three Essays on Corporate Innovation and Shareholder Activism". Supervisor: Uli Hege. Yifei obtain an assistant professor position at the HSBC Business School (University of Beijing).


  • Konrad Adler, “Financial frictions in macroeconomics and empirical macroeconomics”. Supervisor: Franck Portier. Konrad join Bonn University for his post-doc.
  • Pablo Garcia Sanchez,  “Essays on Macroeconomics and Financial Stability”. Supervisor: Patrick Fève. Pablo is currently a post-doctoral student at the Banque Centrale du Luxembourg.
  • Alexandre Gaillard, “Essays in Macroeconomics with Heterogeneous Agents". Supervisor: Patrick Fève. Cf above.
  • Kunal Khairnar “Essays on Macroeconomics”. Supervisor: Franck Portier. Kunal is an economist at the Bank of England.
  • Lucas Mahieux, “Essays in Financial Accounting and Auditing”. Supervisor: Guillaume Plantin. Lucas joined Tillburg University as an assistant professor.