TSE's contribution to the French "Grand Débat National"

March 18, 2019 Debate

In reaction to social upheaval, the Macron government launched in January to March 2019 at "Grand Débat National"; two months of public debates and assemblies that could be organised by anybody and were necessarily public.  
In order to bring the ideas of its faculty and exchange with the public on economics solutions to France's problems, TSE held three evening debates respectively on energy transition, taxation, public expenditure, public services and citizenship. 

You cand find below all information (in French) about each of the three events:

March 11th - Energy transition


Video, photos, report here: http://13xy.mj.am/nl2/13xy/l9zm6.html?

March 12th - Citizenship and government services

Video, photos, report here: http://13xy.mj.am/nl2/13xy/l9zmh.html?

March 13th -  Taxation and public expenditure

Video, photos, report here : http://13xy.mj.am/nl2/13xy/l9zsv.html?hl=en