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The new Toulouse School of Economics building brings together under one roof TSE and its sister institution, the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse (IAST), an interdisciplinary research center, strengthening its transversal and global scientific approach. Our new, unique "house", an avant-garde architectural masterpiece, is a great opportunity for our community to advance our ambition to better understand the major contemporary economic and social issues. The building was designed for the mixing of ideas, so that researchers and guests can meet and cross paths as they travel, with a permanent 3D vision. It helps them foster pioneering scientific exchanges, organize international events and invite the general public to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of science.

Located in the historic center of Toulouse at the confluence of the Garonne River and Canal de Brienne, the forward-thinking masterpiece was envisioned and designed by Grafton architects and The University Toulouse Capitole as prime contractor for this construction, this is the first time that a university has taken over the project management of a construction site within the framework of a State-Regional Planning Contract (CEPR).

In March 2020, building architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in recognition of their talent, vision and commitment in the genesis of major contemporary university buildings. This marks also a historic advance as there have only been three previous female laureates in the more than 40 year history of the prize, two of them in mixed teams.

In November 2020 TSE wins the ''2020 Equerre d'Argent'', since 1983, the prize has been organized by the editors of Le Moniteur and AMC and recognizes the best of architectural production in France.

“What we try to do in our work is to be aware of the various levels of citizenship and try to find an architecture that deals with overlap, that heightens your relationship to one another, Toulouse School of Economics features brick buttresses, ramps and courtyards, which are metaphors for the city filled with bridges, walls, promenades and stone towers.” Yvonne Farrell

The new building’s construction is inspired by the typical reddish-brick architecture of Toulouse, which is often referred to as the “Pink City“. The six-story building offers panoramic views over the Brienne Canal, the Garonne river and the Saint-Pierre churches. Features include an impressive sky cloister, an enhanced medieval rampart, 11,280 sqm of office space for ~350 faculty members, staff and PhD students, three state of-the- art conference auditoriums, six seminar rooms and meeting rooms on each floor. Both traditional and modern, the edifice is designed to high energy-efficiency standards, including an innovative air- cooling system using water from the Brienne canal.

More information about Key Numbers in University Toulouse Capitole flyer in french

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You can read below UT Capitole's articles which describe the different stages of the construction of the building


-Second place, in the building category at the CEMEX Building Award 2021 (see TSE news)

-TSE new building architects win Pritzker prize (see TSE news)

Medal of the Pritzker Architecture Prize ©wikipedia


-TSE is awarded the "2020 Equerre d'Argent" (see TSE news)

Picture of the trophy '’Equerre d’argent’’ sculpture signed by Bruno Romeda. ©Milena Chessa/LeMoniteur.fr

European Heritage Days (Journées Européennes du Patrimoine) - 2024

Take part in the 41st European Heritage Days with a guided tour of the building on Saturday, September 20.



European Heritage Days (Journées Européennes du Patrimoine) - 2023

The Toulouse School of Economics building opened its doors to the general public for the 40th edition of the European Heritage Days on September 16.


European Heritage Days (Journées Européennes du Patrimoine) – 2020

The Toulouse School of Economics building opened its doors to the general public for the 37th edition of the European Heritage Days on September 19 & 20, 2020, the theme was "Heritage and education: learning for life!

On this occasion, students from the Ecole d’Architecture de Toulouse (ENSA) offered guided tours to over 300 participants, discussing the genesis of the building, the engineering behind this achievement and the architectural vision of the firm Grafton Architects, winners of the Pritzker Prize 2020.



Nuits Européennes du Patrimoine – 2021

During the 2021 "National Heritage Days", the TSE building took part in the event "Lights on the Canal" aiming at bringing foward the Canal du Midi. Organised by the municipality of Toulouse, the event showcased vertical dancers from the company 9.81 dancing weightlessly on the brick walls as well as light and shadow projections on the façade.



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