TSE ambassadors

My name is Paul Boust and I am a student doing a 1st year Master's in Economics. I am from Provence and came to TSE last year to go straight into the third year of a Bachelor's in Economics, after taking a rather original route. I did two years of preparatory classes in Literature and Social Sciences before coming to Toulouse. As soon as I started at TSE, I wanted to take part in an association at the school and I am now the President of the student association Say It Aloud TSE. I am also lucky enough to represent my fellow students on the TSE Education Board, as well as becoming a student ambassador this year. I now plan to help as many people as possible to discover everything that the Toulouse School of Economics has to offer, as well as the diversity of experiences that are to be had here!

My name is Elodie Chevenot and I am a student in the 1st year Master's in Economics and Law. I come from the Toulouse region and I was attracted to TSE because of its multi-disciplinary and internationally focused approach. In fact, thanks to the programme offered by the school, last year I was able to take a year off for civic service in Canada. Boosted by this experience and really wanting to get involved in the life of the school, I decided to become a student ambassador. This opportunity is also a chance to share my experience with other current or future students. So, I am proud to be able to pass on the image of excellence of the Toulouse School of Economics.

My name is Laurène Clauss and I am a student in the 2nd year Master's in Public Policy and Development. After two years of preparatory classes for the major business schools (CPGE), I enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor's in Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). I then decided to do the first year of my master's at Charles University in Prague, before taking a very busy year off that included studies in International Relations at El Rosario in Bogota and a period in Paris working as Europe research manager for Europe-West Africa Relations. These experiences have already given me the opportunity to be a multilingual ambassador for TSE in France and abroad. I would now like to carry on this work within TSE itself by becoming a student ambassador!


My name is Bastien François and I am a student in the 2nd year Master's in Statistics and Econometrics. I am from Lyon and I chose to attend TSE as soon as I passed my baccalaureate. So, I started preparatory classes in an Economics & Mathematics degree course before choosing to continue my studies by doing a master's degree specialising more in statistics. I am also part of the Post-graduate Economist-Statistician course, which lasts 3 years and is complementary to the bachelor's and master's courses and actively prepares us to enter the world of work.

Life on the campus is very pleasant and the school provides its students with plenty of opportunities through its associations and the possibility of taking a year off. During my year abroad, I was fortunate enough to do a 5-month period of work experience at the Energy Regulation Agency in Mexico thanks to the school's very active network of alumni. This year out was a very enriching experience for me both professionally and personally.

The role of TSE ambassador will enable me to meet you and share my experience of the school with you. Please get in touch with me!

My name is Guillem Fortó and I am a student doing a 1st year Master's in Econometrics and Statistics. At the same time, I am doing year two of a post-graduate course as an Economist Statistician.

Originally from Andorra, coming to TSE was an easy choice. The quality of teaching, as well as the many partnerships that the school has with other universities around the world, were key factors for me to come here to start my university career. So, I signed up for the Joint Honours Degree in Economics and Mathematics, which enabled me to do a master's focused on statistical analysis and the issues raised by Big Data. These are subjects that really interest me and it's thanks to TSE that I will be able to take a year out next year to specialise further in those areas.

I consider myself very lucky to be here and so it will be an honour to represent the school and be able to encourage other students to attend future events as a student ambassador.

My name is Valérie Furio and I am a student in the Energy and Environmental Economics Resources programme. I studied my undergraduate degree in Economics at McGill University in Quebec, and then did an internship where a colleague strongly recommended TSE as a great place to do a Master's degree. I do not regret this decision: TSE offers a rigorous and recognised programme, and Toulouse is a beautiful, young and dynamic city. I have had the pleasure of being very involved in the school's associative life since the beginning of my M1, and am now the deputy editor of the school magazine, the TSEconomist. The role of ambassador is a fantastic opportunity for me to share about everything TSE has to offer.

My name is Etienne Lapuente and I am doing a 1st year Master's in Economics. I started preparatory classes at TSE from the first year of my bachelor's and joined TSE for the third year of my bachelor's. I chose to pursue my studies at TSE because it is a school that offers an excellent education and a wide variety of 2nd year master's courses in the field of economics and statistics, as well as the possibility of taking a year off. In fact, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity between the 1st and 2nd year of my master's to travel and develop my professional experience through internships. I have also become involved in an association at the school called 'TSE Junior Etudes'. So, I decided to become an ambassador to help to promote the school that has allowed me to enjoy such a high-level education and so many opportunities.

My name is Caroline Lebrun and I am a student doing a 1st year Master's in Economics and Statistics and in year two of a post-graduate course as an Economist Statistician. After preparatory classes in Literature and Sciences, I came to TSE to take a Joint Honours Degree in Economics and Mathematics and the post-graduate course as I was attracted by the high level in economics, mathematics and IT. I then discovered the school and its associations by joining 'TSE Junior Etudes', then TSEconomist. But it also has its foreign partnerships, which enabled me to spend an unforgettable year as part of the Erasmus programme at Bocconi University in Milan. Later I would like to become an Economist-Statistician to analyse economic trends; it is with this objective in mind that I came back to continue my studies in Toulouse. I am now very proud to be a student ambassador and fly the flag for the school while contributing to student life.

My name is Estelle Viala and I started at TSE in the first year of a Bachelor's in Economics and Mathematics and I am currently in the third year. I am originally from Ariège, so being a student in Toulouse allows me to continue with my favourite sport: skiing, which I teach with the French ski school. As a student ambassador, I want to contribute to the life of the school through events and help other current and future students to find out more about it.