Stand with Ukraine, Panel with KSE

March 07, 2022 Events

A panel with members of the Kyiv School of Economics is jointly organized by the european network ENTER, Mannheim and Carlos III University this afternoon. This will take place at 5pm today and will involve several members of KSE.

1) Nataliia Shapoval is the Chairman of KSE Institute and Vice President for Policy Research.
2) Tymofiy Mylovanov is President of the Kyiv School of Economics, advisor to Ukraine's presidential administration and Associate professor of the University of Pittsburgh.
3) Tymofii Brik is the Head of Sociological Research at the Kyiv School of Economics. He is also a graduate from UC3M.
4) Anna Bulakh is an expert and advisor on international security and technologies at the KSE.

First, panelists will be talking about the current situation in Ukraine and comment on aspects such as safety of the civil population and sentiments of the population, supply lines, communication and media, as well as the economic sanctions imposed on Russia and nuclear safety. Then, questions can be asked.

Use the following Zoom link to register: