September 24th: European Researchers' Night

September 24, 2021 Events

What does it mean to be a researcher? From hypotheses to results, a whole series of key elements follow one another, nested like gears. This machinery of knowledge can only work if all these elements are brought together and are functional. So, are you ready to go to the other side of the mirror to discover the mechanisms of a successful research?

On Friday 24th september. Theme of the year: Travels

The goals of the European Researchers Night are

  •     Attract a public that is not familiar with science by means of our offer of an exciting event
  •     Ensure that the public spends a long time at the event (more than two and a half hours) to truly interact with the researchers
  •     Sharing "science in the making" : what are the questions, the procedures, the alliances, the successes and the difficulties ?
  •     Involve members of the public and awaken the desire to develop and maintain a connection with research before and after the event

More details about this event on their website