September 24th, Business talk with Bruno Cabrillac, Banque de France

September 24, 2020 Events

Careers services is pleased to welcome Bruno Cabrillac (Banque de France) who will talk about "Monetary policy current challenges" on September 24th, 2020 at 5pm ; room Auditorium 3 (new building).


During the academic year, TSE organizes special lectures by professionals, called “business talks”, or by researchers, called “academic talks” to develop the economic culture of our students and help them built their future career plans.

It is possible to attend the lecture in the auditorium 3 in the new TSE building but in the same way as for the courses, we are maintaining the rules of physical distancing and all attendees will occupy only one out of every two seats and will have to wear a mask. Only 67 places available, 
Registration mandatory, please register HERE


The exceptional decisions taken by the ECB following the Covid-19 crisis are a game changer. It is the aim of the ECB strategy review to tell to what extent but the objective, the tools and the general framework of the monetary policy which have already considerably been evolving since the Great Financial Crisis are affected. Indeed, ECB monetary policy is facing new challenges on all its main element : price stability primary mandate, secondary objectives, tools, transmission channels, macroeconomic framework, link with fiscal policy including fiscal dominance, link with some structural transformation (digitalization, climate changes…)