September 11, Opening lecture with Eugenia Gonzalez-Aguado

September 11, 2023 Events
Adapting to Change: Understanding Worker Reallocation and its Macroeconomic Consequences

Eugenia Gonzalez-Aguado, Assistant professor in economics at University of Toulouse Capitole, TSE will present a lecture to students to start the new academic year.

"In this lecture, we will explore how the reallocation of workers across occupations, sectors, or regions can have effects on the macroeconomy. In particular, we will discuss its effects on unemployment, productivity, and inequality. Both changes in the aggregate economy and in worker-specific circumstances can affect the decision of workers to change careers. Importantly, we will see that labor market institutions play a key role in shaping the effects that this reallocation of workers has on the economy. First, we will discuss recent empirical evidence on the patterns of mobility of workers. Then, we will see how the use of economic models can help address relevant policy questions on this topic."

This event will close the welcome students' day. All students are invited to this conference.

Monday 11 September 2023 5:00 PM TSE Building (Auditoirum 3)

Credit: Photo de Shridhar Gupta sur Unsplash.