Ecological spillovers and bioeconomic performances of ecological networks: a french case study

Lauriane Mouysset (CIRED)

December 5, 2022, 11:00–12:15


Room Auditorium 4

Environment Economics Seminar


Agricultural land uses and semi-natural habitats are at the core of the conflicts between production and conservation objectives. In Europe, biodiversity losses keep going, questionning environmental and cost-effectivenesses of agricultural policies. Ecological network appears as a promising tool regarding its environmental effectiveness and its diffusion into current public policy. However their joined ecological-economic impacts and bioeconomic effectiveness are poorly known. We develop a bioeconomic modeling framework underlying by spatiotemporal processes applied to the french case study, then the simulate public policy scenarios with different spatial targets and compare their bioeconomic performances and effectivenesses. We show that ecological network targeting improves the cost-effectiveness of the conservation policy even if its relative performance depends on the time horizon. This comes from high ecological states in the targeted ecological reservoirs but also from ecological spillovers from the taregeted regions on their neighourhood. Eventually, we exhibit no win-it-all conclusion if considering a multicriteria ecological perspectives.