Royal Mail-TSE partnership


Royal Mail has been supporting TSE researchers since 1999 to encourage and promote fundamental and applied research on emerging issues in the field of postal economics. This fruitful partnership allowed the development of joint applied research in postal economics. The three pillars of this research program are the deep knowledge of the Royal Mail team of economists, and rich customer and accounting data provided by Royal Mail as well as the academic expertise of the TSE team. The focus of the partnership is on further enhancements of forecasting techniques related to the demand for mail products, the estimation of the determinants of production frontiers using micro data at delivery points, and the estimation of price elasticities of demands for mail products such as the ones used for advertising or by publishers. Research outputs are published in the proceedings of academic conferences in postal economics.

Research performed with the support of Royal Mail feeds into the research work under the aegis of the TSE Infrastructure & Network Center.

Research topics

  • Forecasting tools using time series data
  • Estimation methods for demand price elasticities of Royal products using panel data on Royal mail customers
  • Estimation of stochastic frontiers of production