Working paper

Energy Price and Redistribution in Czech Republic

Norbert Ladoux, and Milan Scasny


This paper studies environmental taxation in a Mirrlees setting when energy, a polluting good, is used both as a factor of production and a final consumption good. The model is calibrated for the Czech economy. We study two different tax systems. Both consider a non-linear income tax but the first one considers a linear energy tax, while the second one allows for a non-linear taxation of energy. We show that: (i) households' energy consumption should be subsidized except if the environmental external costs of energy consumption are sufficiently high (ii) The subsidy applied to energy consumption should decrease with income.


energy tax; Pigouvian tax; redistributive concerns;

JEL codes

  • H21: Efficiency • Optimal Taxation
  • H23: Externalities • Redistributive Effects • Environmental Taxes and Subsidies


Norbert Ladoux, and Milan Scasny, Energy Price and Redistribution in Czech Republic, TSE Working Paper, n. 14-527, May 2014.

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TSE Working Paper, n. 14-527, May 2014