Sophie Moinas

Sophie Moinas

TSE Research Faculty

Professor of Finance (TSE-TSM), TSE

Research interests

Market microstructure
Experimental finance


Sophie Moinas is a Professor of Finance at the Toulouse Capitole University (Toulouse School of Management and Toulouse School of Economics). She received her PhD from HEC Paris School of Management in 2005. She is a member of TSM-R (UMR 5303 CNRS), a member of TSE-Partnerships, and CEPR Research Fellow since 2016. Since 2018, she is the Scientific Director of the TSE Sustainable Finance Center. For her research, she received the PhD Thesis Award from the French Finance Association and Euronext in 2006, the De La Vega Prize 2013 from the Federation of European Stock Exchanges (joint with Laurence Lescourret), the “Best paper award in Finance” by the Institut Europlace Finance (joint with Sébastien Pouget, for the article “The Bubble Game”) in 2014, the “Award for Best Young Researcher in finance” by the Institut Europlace Finance in 2015, and the Award for the “Best paper on a hot topic” by the Institut Europlace Finance – “Les Echos” in 2016 (joint with Bruno Biais and Thierry Foucault, for the article “Equilibrium Fast Trading”). She obtained research grants from Europlace Institute of Finance in 2009 and 2010, a Junior research grant by the ANR (French National Research Agency) for the project ANR-09-JCJC-0139-01 on “Algorithmic Trading” in 2009-2014 as Principal Investigator, and a Junior research grant by the ANR for the project on Price Formation in Financial Markets (PiMs) in 2016-2021 as Principal Investigator. Her work focuses on market microstructure (fragmentation, high frequency trading, green assets), and asset pricing (experiments, bubbles, electricity markets). Sophie Moinas was Director of TSE's Sustainable Finance Centre between 2018 and December 2023.


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