Matthieu Bouvard

Matthieu Bouvard

TSE Research Faculty

Professor of Finance (TSE-TSM), TSE

Research interests

Corporate Finance
Financial intermediaries


Prof Bouvard research focuses on financial intermediation. His research investigates how information technologies affect the design and delivery of financial products and the implications for risk and stability in financial systems. In previous work, he has studied blockchain protocols and the adoption of cryptocurrencies by merchants and institutions around the world. His current research studies the entry of e-commerce platforms into the payment and the credit market and the role of mobile money agents in developing countries. He has developed a course on Fintech for the Master of Management in Finance at McGill University and is part of the organizing committee of the Tokenomics conference that gathers researchers in economics and computer sciences around the topic of cryptocurrencies. His work has been published in leading journals such as the Journal of Finance, the Journal of the European Economic Association or Management Sciences. His paper on blockchains published in the Review of Financial Studies has received the Swiss Finance Institute Outstanding paper award in 2017. He has received a PhD from Toulouse School of Management and has been on the Faculty of McGill University for 10 years prior to joining TSE.


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