Frédéric Cherbonnier

Frédéric Cherbonnier

TSE Research Faculty

Professor, Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Toulouse


Frederic Cherbonnier is professor of economics at the Toulouse Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Toulouse) and a member of the Toulouse School of Economics (TSE). In his previous career, he was involved in a multitude of other professional activities, having worked as a researcher in two other fields (mathematics and telecommunication network security), as a senior manager in a telecommunication company (the French incumbent operator Orange), as a senior official responsible for different teams of economists at the French Ministry of Finance, and as general secretary of a scientific cooperation foundation within the University of Toulouse (Fondation Jean-Jacques Laffont TSE). The bulk of his current research in economics is guided by questions of public policies and spans multiple application areas, including housing, energy, transportation economics, climate change and innovation policy. His work in the field of decision theory leads him also to act as an expert within public administrations (France Stratégie, Commissariat général à l’investissement). He initiated a research project on the economy of innovation that won a call for tender of the French national agency for research (ANR), and currently works on energy transition in the framework of a project financed by ADEME (the French agency for ecological transition). He is currently director of the TSE Infrastructure & Network Center.


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