Edouard Pauwels

Edouard Pauwels

TSE Research Faculty

Professor, TSE

Edouard Pauwels, Conservative parametric optimality and the ridge method for tame min-max problems, Set-Valued and Variational Analysis, vol. 31, n. 19, June 2023.

M. Fabian, Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty, and Edouard Pauwels, On the Generalized Jacobian of the Inverse of a Lipschitzian Mapping, Set-Valued and Variational Analysis, vol. 30, May 2022, p. 1443–1451.

Tong Chen, Jean-Bernard Lasserre, Victor Magron, and Edouard Pauwels, A sublevel moment-SOS hierarchy for polynomial optimization, Computational Optimization and Applications, vol. 81, January 2022, pp. 31–66.


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