Bio and Research Interests

Research interests

Microeconomic Theory
Industrial Organization


Daniel Garrett is assistant professor of economics at TSE within the Toulouse Capitole University. PhD from Northwestern University, and TSE faculty since 2012, his research interests are microeconomic theory, industrial organisation and regulatory economics.

Current position

2015Research Affiliate of the CEPR
2015Research Affiliate of CESifo
Assistant Professor, Toulouse 1 Capitole University


Ph.D., Economics, Northwestern University

Grants and awards

2016ERC Starting Grant for the project "Dynamic Mechanisms"
2015Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award: Applied Microeconomics
2014EARIE Young Economists’ Essay Award

ERC Starting Grant

Daniel was awarded an ERC Starting Grant in 2016 for the following project: 

Building economic theories from a dynamic perspective - DYNMECH

Most economic environments are intrinsically dynamic. Transactions and players evolve over time and so can the preferences and choices of a consumer, or the perceived quality and value of a specific product. What are the implications of these changes and fluctuations for economic behaviour?  Much remains to be learned about this question.

For Prof. Daniel Garrett, behaviour can only be fully understood from a dynamic perspective. In his ERC research he focuses precisely on "dynamic mechanisms", i.e. the agreements between sellers and buyers, employers and employees, regulators and firms in the long term. He tackles questions such as how competition affects long-term contracts; how to ensure that an economic transaction can be engaged at the first possible opportunity in time; or which factors can influence the early allocation of capacity, for instance in pre-event ticket sales and travel booking.

Prof. Garrett’s grant will support work that seeks to explain dynamic behaviour and which could have a significant impact in a wide range of fields, from understanding employment practices to informing competition rules and taxation policies.