1. Adrien Blanchet Muse – “Multi-displinary study of emergence phenomena” 
  2. Pierre Dubois : EARSEPC – “Econometric analysis of the role of scientific evidence on prescription choices”
  3. Catarina Goulão : OBEDIS – «Obesity Discrimination in hiring : a natural field experiment» 
  4. James Hammitt AMEP– «Advancing Methods for Evaluating Environmental/health policy and wealth» 
  5. Vincent Réquillart : BIOMIP –«Bioful and bio-based products : market impacts of technology based on the use of co-products from the food industry»
  6. Stéphane Straub : Eleccor – “Corruption memory and electoral behavior in Paraguay” 
  7. Jorgen Weibull :  –“Evolution and stability of moral values,social norms and wealth” 



Jérôme Bolte receives the "Air Force" US Government Grant for his research on the KL inequalities and their application in non-convex optimization. The 3 year project is entitled "Forward-backward splitting for nonconvex optimization problems".