October 14th, Business Talk with Shruti Sinha from Amazon

October 14, 2021 Events

The careers service is pleased and honored to welcome Shruti Sinha (Economist) from Amazon who will be giving a Business Talk on Thursday 14 October at 5pm.

These talks aim to develop the economic culture of students and to learn more about case studies.

Invitation only



In an age where decisions are driven by data, businesses across the world are having to adapt to a rapidly expanding digital landscape. The buzz words in the industry are "Data Science" and "Machine Learning". Therein lies a unique opportunity for Economists to bridge the gap between business and science, where we are trained not only in the science of data but also have a keen understanding of the micro-dynamics between firms, consumers, and markets. In this talk I will use my experience at Amazon as an Economist to explore the skill sets that give us a unique advantage in the tech world.

Contact : careers@tse-fr.eu