"Les grands défis économiques", by Olivier Blanchard and Jean Tirole

September 08, 2022 Debate

Release of the book by Olivier Blanchard and Jean Tirole on September 7: "The main economic challenges" (in french "Les grands défis écononomiques") subtitled "L'urgence du long terme".

This book contains parts of the Blanchard-Tirole report, published in June 2021 and available on the France Strategie website: strategie.gouv.fr. In 2020, Emmanuel Macron asked the authors to set up an independent commission to preside over an independent commission on the challenges for post-Covid society, three structural challenges for the global economy: climate change, inequality and demographic change. This international commission brought together twenty-four eminent economists. A report was submitted to the President of the Republic in June 2021 and now, this publication in September 2022. The goal of this new publication is to launch the debate on these existential subjects qualified as "time bombs" by the authors.