Jean Tirole involved in a new study: Inequalities in the Twenty First Century

February 11, 2019 Research

The Deaton Review : Jean Tirole involved in a new study on Inequalities in the Twenty First Century

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (Britain’s leading independent microeconomic research institute) is launching a 5-year review of inequalities, with the involvement of Jean Tirole (TSE Honorary Chairman) as well as many experts in different scientific fields which will develop proposals for the most effective policy responses to different types of inequality.

Professor Sir Angus Deaton, Nobel Laureate and Chair of the Review explains:
"The study will look to understand what concerns people about inequality, what aspects of it are perceived to be fair and unfair, and how those concerns relate to the actual levels of inequality and the processes by which they are created. It will identify the forces that drive inequalities – technological change, labour market institutions, education systems, family structures, globalisation – and the role of policy in shaping and mitigating them.  We will undertake comparisons with other countries in the developed world to identify evidence on how different political institutions and policy responses have affected inequality in other jurisdictions. In addition to the role of taxes and benefits, we will examine the polices that drive the underlying distribution of income, such as those on trade, education, the labour market, competition, and regional development. "

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