Graduate School

The Graduate School funded by CHESS

The Graduate School funded by CHESS fosters the graduate-level educational programs of TSE and IAST:

Funding provided by CHESS allowed to launch and expand many new initiatives and programs of the Graduate School, such as new Master programs, mobility for PhD students, extended training and funding of the PhD program, pedagogical innovation, training and coaching for Master students, professional career services, tools for training in quantitative research (computing clusters, databases, training offers), and much more.

TSE has its origin as the Economics department of University Toulouse-Capitole. In 2011, the School was formally established as Toulouse School of Economics (Ecole d’Economie de Toulouse) and granted limited autonomy to enable it to carry out its ambition in graduate education, recognized and thrust forward by two PIA grants (Idefi FREDD and LABEX IAM-TSE). IAST was founded in 2012 under the impetus of generous PIA funding, the LABEX IAST that was awarded with the specific purpose of providing seed funding for the creation of IAST. In 2023, Toulouse School of Economics and Quantitative Social Sciences was founded as a “Grand Etablissement”, the most prestigious category of autonomous public higher education institutions in France. Toulouse School of Economics and Quantitative Social Sciences incorporates both TSE and IAST.

Funding by CHESS is used to foster three pillars of development:

  • to develop multi and interdisciplinary tracks and course offerings in the Master and PhD programs and through Summer Schools
  • to raise the standing and the attractiveness of the PhD program
  • to improve the prestige and offerings of the professional Master programs.

The presentations of the Master programs and the PhD program of TSE and of the interdisciplinary Summer Schools of IAST allows you to learn more about the Graduate School funded by CHESS.