Gokce GOKKOCA' PhD thesis, June 03rd, 2024

June 03, 2024 Research

Gokce GOKKOCA will defend her thesis on Monday, June 03 at 3:30 pm, Auditorium 5 & by ZOOM

Title: "Essays in Empirical Industrial Organization and Health"

Supervisor: Pierre DUBOIS

To attend the conference, please contact the secretariat Christelle Fotso Tatchum

Memberships are:

  • Bruno Jullien: CNRS - TSE Senior Researcher, Examinateur
  • Mathias Reynaert: Professor in Economics, TSE,  Examinateur
  • Helena Perrone: Assistant professor in Economics, University of Mannheim, Rapporteure
  • Federico Ciliberto : Professor in Economics, University of Virginia, Rapporteur


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is defined by World Health Organization (WHO) as the ability of a micro-organism to stop an antimicrobial from working against it. It is possible that infections we consider minor today could be incurable in the future. Unfortunately, the rate of innovations of new drugs that could cure infections caused by resistant bacteria is not able to catch up with the rate at which the resistance develops. This is partly because incentives of pharmaceutical firms are driven by monetary profits which the antibiotic resistance and possible regulations of antibiotic use make uncertain because of potential market failures. In this study, we model the demand for antibiotics in France and try to capture the effects of resistance in substitution patterns as a first step towards understanding the consumption externalities to demand. Consumption and reimbursement data that are publicly available provided by French Health Insurance and resistance indicators provided by European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) are the main datasets. We use discrete choice models for differentiated products where bacteria's resistance to drugs at the ATC5 level enters the equation as a product characteristics.