Executive Education seminar: Recent Developments in Competition Policy

June 09, 2023 Events

Attendance is by invitation only


Competition law is undergoing a significant transition. From agencies almost exclusively focused on prices to ones that explicitly consider the impact of conduct, agreements and concentration on quality, privacy, investment, and innovation. From agencies that refused to act as regulators to agencies that endorse behavioral regulations and even try to secure a role in their implementation. In this seminar, we will review these developments with a special focus on the interplay between competition and innovation and the implementation and enforcement of the Digital Markets Act.

Key benefits

  • Listening to a senior Commission official and a judge from the General Court about recent developments in competition law.

  • Participating in the debate between competition officials, academics, and practitioners about the way competition law can promote innovation and the potential pitfalls of such attempts.

  • Learning about the challenges raised by the implementation and enforcement of the DMA and discussing with economists, lawyers, and technologists how these challenges can be addressed.

  • Attending a leading expert’s talk about public policy towards the cloud.

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