WCTR 2026

July 6–10, 2026


TSE will organize the 17th World Conference on Transport Research from July 6 to 10, 2026.

Join us in 2026 for the highly anticipated WCTR conference, celebrating almost 50 years of gathering transport researchers worldwide. 


At the 2023 WCTR held in Montreal (Canada), Toulouse was designated host of the next conference, held every 3 years for almost 50 years. Our institution was chosen among 17 candidates.

TSE is excited to host this event in Europe after a long hiatus, fostering the exchange of ideas in transport policy and practice across diverse areas such as logistics, management, engineering, IT, and operations research. 

Don't miss this unique opportunity to collaborate with experts from around the globe in shaping the future of transportation. 


At the closing ceremony of WCTR 2023 in Montreal, the President of the WCTR Society, Tae OUM, presents Marc Ivaldi, conference director, with the totem of the chief speaker and the conference flag.

President of the WCTR Society, Tae OUM, gives Marc Ivaldi the totem.

"Our international reputation was one of the main assets that allowed TSE to be chosen to host the next WCTR, explains Marc Ivaldi, TSE Transport specialist and conference director. The financial risk we took, our ability to meet the expectations of the selection committee and last but not least, our commitment to support the participation of researchers from every country were also key."

Hosting the next conference in Toulouse will be an opportunity to present this pioneering city to the world. Toulouse is home to high-quality research and innovation in transport and aeronautics.

A dedicated website will be coming soon.

Video: @Agence Attractivité Toulouse Métropole @Frédéric Fauroux and @Parachute Prod.