Impact of climate risk and biodiversity loss on financial stability and monetary policy Conference

May 22–23, 2024

Banque de France, Paris

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Background and Objective

TSE is delighted to co-organize an engaging conference in collaboration with its long-term partner, the Banque de France. This event not only reflects our mutual dedication to foster close and mutually beneficial relationships through innovative economic research, but it also serves to strengthen the bond between our two institutions.

The objective of this one and a half day conference is to discuss recent contributions to the understanding of climate risk and biodiversity loss and their consequences on financial stability and monetary policy. 

This conference will welcome speakers from the academic world, central banks, regulators, the industry and cover the following topics:

  • Financing the ecological transition 
  • Nature and financial stability
  • Climate and financial stability
  • Macroeconomics modeling of climate change and greenflation
  • Nature modelling 

The preliminary program is now available. You can discover the roundtable below:


 Attendance will be free but registration will be mandatory.

Organizing Committee


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