Symposium | Economics of AMR R&D Incentives: The Cost of Inaction and Action

May 14, 2024


Scope and objective

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) costs thousands of lives and billions of dollars across Europe each year. This crisis is exacerbated by poor market conditions that hinder investment in new antimicrobials and diagnostics and results in a diminishing pipeline of innovation. To meet this challenge, policymakers, developers, investors and other stakeholders are exploring incentives to revitalize AMR R&D.

This symposium will provide various work sessions for economists, health financiers and policymakers in Europe to exchange ideas, questions and viewpoints on existing and alternative policy options for AMR R&D and to identify gaps in research and opportunities to progress the agenda.

Conference venue 

Ministère du Travail, de la Santé et des Solidarités (Paris | France)

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