Digital Currency and the Financial System Conference

June 4, 2024

Banque de France, Paris

The conference is now over ! Thanks a lot for your participation.

The organizing committee thanks you all for your presence and involvement. We invite you to visit the events section to see more.

Background and objectives

Banque de France, Toulouse School of Economics and University Panthéon Assas are organizing an academic conference on the impact of private and public innovations in digital payments on our monetary and financial system. This in-person event will take place at the Banque de France in Paris on June 4th, and benefits from sponsorship from ANR and ERC.

The conference papers will explore various issues such as the :

  • uses and abuses of cryptocurrencies
  • stability of stablecoins
  • consequence of digitalization on bank deposits
  • potential impact of central bank digital currencies on the banking sector and the broader economy

The conference will also feature a keynote lecture by Rodney Garratt (BIS).

Finally, a panel discussion on the making of a retail central bank digital currency is scheluded.

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