Recent developments in the economics of online advertising

March 24, 2022, 09:00



Behavioural advertising is a hot topic in regulation and antitrust. It is also a key strategic tool for many online businesses. Economists are increasingly researching the logic and implications of behavioural advertising.
This course will feature some of the best examples of that research. There is a growing body of opinion in favour of a ban on targeted advertising or, at very least, a targeted ban, e.g. prohibiting ads targeted to children. Such a move could put an end to a business model that many regards as a key engine for the Internet economy.

We will debate with representatives of regulators, online platforms, consumer associations, and academia the pros and cons of a targeted ban on targeted advertising. 

Key benefits:

  • Get to know the most recent research on behavioural advertising.
  • In particular, improve your understanding of behavioural advertising as a competitive tool.
  • Understand the different views about whether, and how to, regulate behavioural advertising. 



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