Executive Education course: Corporate Climate Action

June 30, 2022, 13:45


Course objective:

  • To make the case for corporate engagement on climate change using recent economic research
  • To present some tools that companies can use to deal with climate change

Course overview: 

Our faculty will discuss the main reasons why firms implement climate-related policies, present how these policies can be implemented, and infer the implications for economic and financial performance. Firms can leverage an array of tools to implement climate change policies: corporate charters, executive compensation, financial instruments, capital budgeting, and offsetting markets. This session will provide an overview of the main tools used by companies, such as public benefit corporations, CO2 reduction bonuses, green bonds, externally-adjusted cashflows, supply-chain adaptation, and carbon offsets. An interactive case study will focus on internal carbon pricing.

The course will end with a roundtable discussion with practitioners and academics on "Corporate Climate Policies: drivers and consequences".