The future of food supply chains: opportunities and challenges

This conference is held in honor of Vincent Réquillart for his important contributions in the field of food economics

November 30, 2021, 09:00


Room Auditorium A4


The aim of this workshop is to identify the main questions researchers should focus on to provide new knowledge regarding current and future food policy and societal issues​. It particularly focuses on the topics covered by the green deal policy framework including :

- Health and ​Nutrition,

- Environment and Climate Change,

- Competition ​in food supply chains,

- Quality and innovation

​and their implications on farmers, food manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

The workshop will include three sessions. The first session ​will be devoted to the state of the art and future challenges faced by food supply chains ​; the second one ​will deal with promising methodologies and data​ to address those challenges; and the workshop will be closed by a round table discussing the different options for a food transition with different stakeholders.

This conference is held in honor of Vincent Réquillart, for his outstanding contributions in the field of food economics​ at INRAE and TSE.