Job Market Worskhop 2020

November 25, 14:00 to November 26, 2020, 16:45

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Nov 25 14:00-15:15

Nicolas Bonneton

Probabilistic Assortative Matching under Nash Bargaining 

Ling Zhou

Marriage, Migration, and Migration Policy: Evidence from Hukou Reform in China

Kunal Khairnar

Financial frictions and asymmetric interest rate pass through in India

Nov 25 15:30-16:45

Stefan Lamp

Energy Tax Exemptions and Industrial Production

Christophe Bruneel

Discrete-Continuous Dynamic Choice Models: Identification and Conditional Choice Probabilities Estimation

Joana Duran-Franch

Oh Man! What Happened to Women? The Blurring of Gender-Based Occupational Segregation


Nov 26 09:00-10:15

Eva Tene

On the Historical Roots of Gender Norms: Evidence from Matrilineal Societies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Willy Lefez

Price Recommendations and the Value of Data: a Mechanism Design Approach.

Hansel Teo

The value of long-term care insurance: A sufficient-statistics approach

Nov 26 10:30-11:45

Yang Yang

Price Transparency in online markets

Jacopo Bregolin

Authority and Delegation in Online Communities

Jacint Enrich Moya

Technology Adoption and Structural Transformation: The case of tractors in France


Nov 26 14:00-15:15

Vincent Tena

 Will Asset Managers Survive to the Advent of Robots ? An Optimal Contracting Approach

 Miguel Zerecero

The Birthplace Premium

Kevin Remmy

Subsidy design when firms can adjust product attributes: The case of electric vehicles

Nov 26 15:30-16:45

Charles Pébereau

None of your business! Efficient disclosure policies with heterogeneous audiences

Stefan Pollinger

Kinks Know More: Policy Evaluation Beyond Bunching with an Application to Solar Subsidies

Jeffrey Groesbeck

Electricity Interconnection with
 Intermittent Energy Sources