Conference in honor of Christine Thomas-Agnan

July 4, 08:00 to July 5, 2022, 18:00

Room Auditorium 3

Conference in honor of Christine Thomas-Agnan

Toulouse, July 4-5, 2022


This conference is organized in honor of Christine Thomas-Agnan, on the occasion of her 65th birthday. It will take place at the Toulouse School of Economics over two days. Traditional scientific lectures (in person or by distance learning) will alternate with more personal interventions by colleagues and friends of Christine Thomas-Agnan.

Registration for these days is free but mandatory : deadline is May, 31.
The Gala dinner will take place on Monday evening, July 4. Participation fees of 50 € are requested and have to be paid by credit card at the same time as registration using the Gala payment form.

The scientific presentations will focus on Christine Thomas-Agnan's main areas of interest, namely:

- Compositional data,

- Empirical studies in economics,

- Spatial statistics and econometrics,

- Non-parametric statistics and econometrics.

Guest speakers

Josep Antonin Martin (IMAE, University of Girona, Spain),

Florent Bonneu (University of Avignon),

Raja Chakir (INRAE, Agro-Paris-Tech, Grignon),

Lionel Cucala (University of Montpellier),

Eric Gautier (TSE),

Irène Gijbels (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium),

Thibault Laurent (TSE),

Davy Paindaveine (Free University of Bruxelles, Belgium),

Vera Pawlowski-Glahn (IMAE, University of Girona, Spain),

Gilbert Saporta (CNAM, Paris),

Michel Simioni (INRAE, Montpellier).

Members of the Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee

Sandrine Casanova (co-chair, TSE), Eve Leconte (co-chair, TSE),

Abdelaati Daouia (TSE), Thi-Huong-An Nguyen (TSE), Thibault Laurent (TSE), Anne Ruiz-Gazen (TSE), Alban Thomas (INRAE, TSE), Anne Vanhems (Toulouse Business School, TSE associate member)


Conference Secretariat: Aline Soulié and Corinne Vella

For more information, please send an email to