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TSE Reflect is a newsletter that shares our latest research news with decision-makers and TSE partners looking for concrete economic solutions. Once a month, we deliver analyses from our academic community on important current issues in the fields of competition, the digital economy, energy and climate, health, infrastructure and networks, and sustainable finance.

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TSE Reflect issues focused on competition policy & regulation:

#April 2023

TSE Reflect - focus on competition policy and regulation

  • 'Who’s in charge of saving the world?' by Jean Tirole
  • Marc Ivaldi on 'What happens when hotels can vary their prices?'
  • Video: interview of Seth Garz, Senior Program Officer for Research, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Portrait: TSE alumnus Thibaud Vergé, Vice-President of the French Competition Authority
  • Next Executive Education Course: Competition Policy and Regulation in Digital Markets
  • 2022 Activity Report - Research Partnerships and Centers
  • News: 'Tackling the Digital Economy conference'

#September 2022

TSE Reflect - focus on competition policy and regulation, image of red zone at History Museum London

  • Portrait: TSE alumna Pascale Déchamps, from the French Competition Authority
  • 'How should antitrust laws be enforced?' by Patrick Rey and co-author Michele Polo
  • Doh-Shin Jeon, Yassine Lefouili and Leonardo Madio on 'Should platforms block sellers of fake goods?'
  • Video: TSE-Yale Workshop on Regulating the Digital Economy, May 2022
  • 'Should platforms block sellers of fake goods?'
  • 'What future for motorway concessions?' by Marie-Françoise Calmette, Philippe Bontems and David Martimort
  • JRC-TSE workshop on liability in the digital economy, interview with Néstor Duch-Brown
  • Visitors of the TSE Competition Policy & Regulation Center
  • Podcast: 'What can political leaders learn from history?'