Common Good Summit: Animal welfare, a new concern?

July 17, 2023 Food

This debate took place during the third edition of the Common Good Summit, organized jointly by TSE, Challenges and Les Echos-Le Parisien Evénements. On June 1 and 2, 2023, economists, economic decision-makers, representatives of public authorities and civil society came together to reflect on a central question: how can we save the common good? With over 1,300 participants and rich exchanges, this third edition confirms the importance of discussing tomorrow's issues together, from climate, mobility, food and inflation to health and artificial intelligence.

It's a subject that's taken up more and more media space in recent years, and with it the minds of the French, who are increasingly sensitive to animal mistreatment.

For Nicolas Treich, economist at TSE and researcher at Inrae, "it's about time France set up a Secretariat for the Animal Condition". In his view, this is one of the avenues that remains insufficiently explored today, along with that of finance, which "must have more virtuous practices that include these issues." 

As Brigitte Gothière, president and co-founder of the L214 association, points out: "65% of French people believe that we can do without livestock farming". This figure is probably the result, among other things, of the visibility given by her association. As Nicolas Treich explains: "These very realistic and credible videos have created real emotion." 

A sentiment shared by Laurence Parisot, Chairman of Citi France and Vice-Chairman of the Animal Rights Foundation: "Whether we have heightened sensitivity or not, we have to admit that we have been absolutely cruel to animals for millennia." 

One billion land animals killed every year

Brigitte Gothière points out that "we have never bred, fished or killed so many animals in France or anywhere else in the world, even though we don't need them. One billion land animals are killed every year in France, and 80% of them come from intensive livestock farming". 

Jean-Baptiste Voisin, Director of Strategy at LVMH, also took part in the discussion, pointing out that the crocodile farms the luxury goods company works with have a guide that has become the standard for certification agencies. 

Like LVMH, Brigitte Gothière sees positive developments, such as the law prohibiting the crushing of male chicks and campaigns to ban caged laying hens. 

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