Cannabis: How Can We Take Back Control?

June 26, 2019 Debate

When Germany is legalising recreational cannabis, becoming the biggest country in the European Union to do so and taking a decision diametrically opposed to France's, read the French Council of Economic Analysis' note written by Emmanuelle Auriol, TSE professor, and Pierre-Yves Geoffard, PSE professor.

In this CAE Note, Emmanuelle Auriol and Pierre-Yves Geoffard explore the reforms needed to regain control of this market. Based on economic analysis and a study of recent foreign experience, they defend the idea that the legalisation of recreational cannabis, if strictly supervised, would make it possible to restrict access to the product for young people, combat crime and develop an economic sector that would create jobs and generate tax revenue.

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Other article

Emmanuelle Auriol, Alice Mesnard, and Tiffanie Perrault, “Weeding out the Dealers? The Economics of Cannabis Legalization”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, n. 216, December 2023, pp. 62–101.