Call for student projects 2019

Do something for the common good

 Are you a TSE student with a project to finance?
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This September, Toulouse School of Economics reveals its new visual identity, underlining the commitment of economists in Toulouse to promote a more open, sustainable and humane economy: an economy for the common good (see video).
On this special occasion, the Jean-Jacques Laffont - TSE Foundation is launching a call for projects aimed at encouraging TSE students (all courses combined) to develop innovative initiatives for the common good.



Eligibility requirements :

Projects submitted must be:

  • Extracurricular with a strong social, solidarity, cultural, scientific or environmental dimension AND with a technical basis or scientific interest in relation to TSE.

  • Organized by one of the following:

          - a TSE student association
          - on a personal basis, by one or more students registered at TSE for the current academic year (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate),
          - one or more former TSE students if the project also involves one or more students enrolled in TSE.

  • Planned for the 2019-2020 academic year.


Bonus points to be a successful candidate:

  • A project that shows an innovative or amplifying approach

  • A project that has an impact on projet(s) leader(s) (e.g. development of new skills)

  • A project that contributes to TSE's outreach and/or have an impact on its ecosystem (School, Foundation, campus life, alumni network...)


Application procedure:

     This file must include:
      -  A presentation of the project leader(s)
      -  A presentation of the project
      -  A detailed budget justifying the request for funding (and specifying whether the project already benefits from a grant from the School)
      -  An email or letter of recommendation from a TSE teacher-researcher 
Do not forget to attach to the application file the general terms & conditions signed (reporting obligations)


Project selection process:

The projects will be submitted to a selection committee that will meet in November 2019.
This committee:

  • Will be composed of a representative of the TSE school, a representative of the management of the Jean-Jacques Laffont - TSE Foundation, a representative of the TSE Alumni Network, a representative of the TSE fundraising department, and a qualified personality (chosen according to the nature of the projects presented).

  • Will select one or more projects to receive financial support ranging from €500 (min) to €4500 (max).


See below some examples of projects that can be funded:

  • Entrepreneurial project with a scientific, social and/or environmental dimension developed by a student

  • Project to popularize research in the economic sciences

  • Project to raise awareness among middle and high school students of the profession of economists or researchers in economics.

  • Establishment of a women's TSE network....


Contact :

Tiffany Naylor/Fundraising department, Jean-Jacques Laffont – TSE Foundation, 21 allée de Brienne, Building F (office MF124) 31000 Toulouse/05 61 12 85 33 /