The willingness to adopt agro-ecological innovations: Application of choice modelling to Caribbean banana planters

Jean-Marc Blazy, Alain Carpentier, and Alban Thomas


This paper proposes an ex ante evaluation of the willingness to adopt agro-ecological innovations aimed at reducing pesticide use for banana production in the French West Indies. Four innovative systems, including intercropping, improved fallow and new pest-tolerant varieties, are proposed to a sample of 607 planters, with innovation and policy attributes calibrated from a bio-economic farm model. The model interacts technological and economic innovation attributes with farmer individual factors, and allows for a dual source of unobserved heterogeneity. We estimate a system of random coefficient Logit models, to obtain marginal values of innovation traits that can be useful for targeting farm types with appropriate innovations and designing policies for securing agricultural revenue.


Agro-ecological system; Choice experiment; Agricultural innovation; Caribbean banana production; Random-coefficient logit;

Published in

Ecological Economics, vol. 72, 2011, pp. 140–150