Property Prices and Exposure to Multiple Noise Sources: Hedonic Regression with Road and Railway Noise

Henrik Andersson, Lina Jonsson, and Mikael Ögren


This study examines the effect of road and railway noise on property prices. It uses the hedonic regression technique on a Swedish data set that contains information about both road and railway noise for each property, and finds that road noise has a larger negative impact on the property prices than railway noise. This is in line with the evidence from the acoustical literature which has shown that individuals are more disturbed by road than railway noise, but contradicts recent results from a hedonic study on data of the United Kingdom.


Hedonic Pricing; Noise; Railway Traffic; Road Traffic;

JEL codes

  • C13: Estimation: General
  • C21: Cross-Sectional Models • Spatial Models • Treatment Effect Models • Quantile Regressions
  • Q51: Valuation of Environmental Effects
  • Q53: Air Pollution • Water Pollution • Noise • Hazardous Waste • Solid Waste • Recycling

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Published in

Environmental and Resource Economics, Springer Netherlands, vol. 45, n. 1, January 2010, pp. 73–89