On the Markov commutator

Laurent Miclo


The Markov commutator associated to a finite Markov kernel P is the convex semigroup consisting of all Markov kernels commuting with P. Its interest comes from its relation with the hypergroup property and with the notion of Markovian duality by intertwining. In particular, it is shown that the discrete analogue of the Achour-Trimèche's theorem, asserting the preservation of non-negativity by the wave equations associated to certain Metropolis birth and death transition kernels, cannot be extended to all convex potentials. But it remains true for symmetric and monotone potentials which are sufficiently convex.


Symmetry group of a Markov kernel; Hypergroup property; Duality by intertwining; Birth and death chains; Metropolis algorithms; One-dimensional discrete wave equations;


Laurent Miclo, On the Markov commutator, Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques , vol. 154, August 2019, pp. 1–35.

Published in

Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques, vol. 154, August 2019, pp. 1–35