Benevolence and the value of road safety

Henrik Andersson, and Gunnar Lindberg


This study uses the contingent valuation method to elicit individuals' preferences for their own and others' safety in road-tra±c. Whereas one group is asked about a private safety device for themselves, other groups are asked about safety devices for their children, household, relatives and the public. Support is found for the hypothesis that individuals are not purely sel¯sh when it comes the safety of others. Key words Safety; Willingness to pay; Altruism; Road-tra±c JEL codes:

JEL codes

  • D61: Allocative Efficiency • Cost–Benefit Analysis
  • J17: Value of Life • Forgone Income
  • R41: Transportation: Demand, Supply, and Congestion • Safety and Accidents • Transportation Noise

Published in

Accident Analysis & Prevention, vol. 41, n. 2, March 2009, pp. 286–293